Business Broadband – Know What Is Available For Your Business

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Get a reliable, fast business broadband solution to help improve productivity.

The move to Cloud-based applications including Voice and Collaboration applications and services, as well as the need to have fast access to the Internet makes good quality Access essential for businesses.

Our Broadband is designed exclusively for the business market – offices and homeworkers. Our network has been built to provide a high-quality, secure connection and this is supported by a highly-skilled group of UK-based support staff and engineers. Our Broadband solutions have been designed for IP telephony, video and conferencing services as well as instant messaging, making us the perfect end-to-end supplier for connectivity and communication.

Services include:


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is the common name given to the type of technology that is used to provide an internet connection to the premises that is always on, this technology does not utilise the full capacity of an analogue line meaning that it is still possible to make voice calls over the line. Asymmetric refers to Downstream and Upstream speed and means that they are different values, a real world example of this is a standard ADSL2+ connection where typically the Downstream speed is 14 Mbit/s and the Upstream speed is 1 Mbit/s. The ADSL2+ used in the United Kingdom is sometimes referred to as Annex A.


The short hand term for the ITU G.992.5 Annex M Standard, like Annex-A this is another standard of ADSL 2+ but this focuses on Upstream rather than Downstream. In practise Annex-M can more than double the Upstream speed of the standard ADSL product.


Fibre to the Cabinet is a term for a broadband connection using optical fibre to supplement part of the usual metal local loop used for connection to an exchange. With FTTC the optical fibre supplements the copper from the DP (street cabinet) to the exchange, in practice this allows for much higher speeds as the length of the copper used to convey data is much shorter and also boasts increased stability over its ADSL2+ counterpart. With FTTC the DLSAM is located in the street cabinet rather than the exchange.


G.Fast broadband is a local access network technology that provides a Broadband service from the end users premise to the Internet. It uses copper from the End User premise to BT’s Cabinet with fibre then running to the BT exchange in a very similar way to FTTC. The difference is that where FTTC uses VDSL2 to encode the data stream, we will now use G.Fast technology for this to allow for quicker speeds. We are now able to offer bandwidths of 160/30 Mbit/s & 330/50 Mbit/s.


Fibre to The Premises – A Fibre all the way to the end user’s premises (no copper) – available in areas where full fibre infrastructure already exists in the street. Due to the whole circuit being Fibre, we can offer higher speeds with higher rates of reliability.With FTTP there is no “up to” bandwidth. The bandwidth that you buy is the bandwidth that you will obtain over your local access tail.



Whether you are using Broadband for your office or for homeworking, the combination of our product choice and our highly-skilled UK-based support teams makes our services a must-have.

A range of competitively priced services

to meet your communication and business data requirements.

A geographically resilient network

providing you with the peace of mind that the our network has been built and maintained to deal with any circumstances, without you needing to worry.

Supporting bulk Broadband migrations

we have successfully completed thousands of migrations over to the our network. We have a proven process that is adaptable to suit your requirements. Don’t put up with poor service and support - we can give your business the assistance in moving your existing services over to our network.

We're business exclusive

we provide services exclusively to businesses, which means the network isn’t crowded with heavy consumer traffic and we’re able to optimise the service provided to you.

Specialist products for IP telephony

our Assured and Converged products are designed specifically for use with our market-leading voice services, giving you all the benefits from buying an end-to-end telephony service from just one supplier.

Business care maintenance options

if Broadband connections are critical to your business, you can upgrade associated maintenance packages for an even faster fix time.


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