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Business Mobile Services enhanced with the addition of O2 and Vodafone

We have today enhanced our Business Mobile Services with the incorporation of Tariffs using the O2 and Vodafone mobile networks. Each network will complement our existng mobile service provided by Gamma (Three) allowing our clients to benefit from a choice of networks for each individual user.

For any one client, each user can now choose between O2 and Vodafone for their mobile service, but the client will still receive one bill, detailing all charges so greatly improving the billing and accountibility process.

Each mobile platform is packed with features to enhance the service to the business user.


O2 Business Mobile Service

We provide businesses on the O2 network some amazing deals, all bundled with business options as standard such as Tethering Your Data Connection, Voice-over-WiFi, Unlimited Mins/SMS and 4G/5G (where available and with appropriate equipment).

Working away from the office, always has issues with reliance on an internet connection, may be on the train, at a client's site or even in a coffee shop. Tethering your laptop or tablet to your phone's internet connection provides a convenient alternative.

Improvements in building cladding and insulation has caused an unfortunate reduction in the cellular signal received inside the associated buildings. Unfortunately this causes problems for mobile users inside, who find their cellular service has deteriated to an unsatisfactory level. To combat this, we provide a Voice-over-WiFi service which allows calls to be made over the building's distributed WiFi signal.


Vodafone Business Mobile Service

For our Vodafone clients, options such as Data Connection Tethering, Voice-over-WiFi, Unlimited Mins/SMS and 4G/5G are also available in addition to Vodafone's excellent coverage and quality of service.




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