PhoneLine Plus

Simple phone line replacement service

Information At Your Fingertips

Easy To Use

No Waiting To Get Started

No More Running Around

Improve Your Brand

Unlimited Minutes to 01/02/03 & Mobile

Information At Your Fingertips

Store all your business essential numbers in one place using the Contacts function. Synchronise your contacts from your mobile phone, choose to keep them private or share contacts with your colleagues so you all have customer numbers at your fingertips. Use the Call Activity log to check the details of a missed call, filter the list to find a new client number, and easily add callers to your Contacts.

Easy To Use

No need to spend significant time learning how to access and get the most out of your PhoneLine+ account. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and familiar in its choice of icons, and the main functions are on the front page. Plus, there are “How to …” guides available online accessed from within PhoneLine+. 

No Waiting To Get Started

Once you have signed up PhoneLine Plus is delivered immediately via email, so there is no waiting for an engineer to call, simply download the app or soft client to your device(s) of choice. Immediately start making and receiving calls and managing your customer experience.

No More Running Around

Make and receive calls from where you are rather than where the phone is ringing. PhoneLine+ can be loaded on the device or devices of your choice including laptop, tablet, or mobile phone (whether Android or Apple) or IP handset. If you are logged in on that device, then it will ring when a call comes in.

Improve Your Brand

When choosing services to use or items to purchase, we are 80% more likely to contact a business with a national geographic number than those promoting a mobile phone number. A brand is enhanced even though they are probably taking those calls on a mobile phone. 

Unlimited Minutes To 01/02/03 & Mobile

PhoneLine Plus comes with unlimited minutes to UK Geographic numbers 01/02, Non-Geographic 03, Mobile 07, Australia, Australia Mobile, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, NZ Mobile, USA and USA Alaska.

Saves you time, puts you in control, and delivers a superior experience for you and your customers.

Introducing PhoneLine+

As a small business owner you know that your phone number is essential to your business and you have invested a lot into it over time. Known to your existing customers and widely advertised to attract new ones, to be without it is unimaginable.

PhoneLine+ has been specifically designed to replace your traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over the broadband network, all at a highly competitive price.

PhoneLine+ can be accessed on a choice of devices including computers, tablets, mobile phones and IP handsets, or we can provide an adaptor for your current phone, so there is no need to invest in new equipment unless you want to.

It supports all the key features expected of a traditional telephone line including voicemail, call divert and call hold, but without paying more, PhoneLine+ provides extra features designed to make your life easier.

Improved Customer Experience

Decide how you want any unanswered calls to be managed

Use the Voicemail option and record a personal greeting or select from the messages you have perfected before and stored in your media library. Choose to have calls diverted to a colleague or redirect them to an external phone, and elect to have the calls announced and the number dialled displayed, so that the calls are answered appropriately. If you are diverting calls to your personal mobile, then PhoneLine+ makes it easy to identify business and non-business calls.

Set your Out of Hours for each day, whether for the whole day or just part of the day. Set a specific Out of Hours message and choose how you want calls to be directed when you are closed for business rather than just unavailable. The ability to manage your customer’s expectations can go a long way to improving their user experience and provide an edge over the competition.

Be there for your customers - anywhere, any time and on your choice of device















Why You Need It

The legacy, public-switched telephone network is being turned off, so to keep your phone and your number working you need to move to the new network, where voice calls are delivered using the same infrastructure as data using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

If you already have a broadband service then it is likely that it will be able to support PhoneLine Plus, keeping disruption to a minimum.


Designed with care

PhoneLine+ is easy and intuitive to use

We know that you don’t have time to waste reading lengthy instruction manuals to learn how to use your new phone service, so PhoneLine+ has been designed with a simple user interface. When loaded on a laptop, tablet or mobile, the interface uses familiar menu structures and icons throughout, and to make life easy the most frequently used functions can be found on the home page.

Getting started

Sign-up, create a password and download PhoneLine+ to your device of choice. Start making and receiving calls and managing your customer experience.

Manage more than one number

With PhoneLine+ you can have more than one phone number per subscriber, so you can choose to use dedicated numbers for different functions. This means that you can anticipate the reason for the call and answer accordingly, giving the impression of being a bigger business.

Key features

PhoneLine+ offers all the key features of a traditional telephone line including Voicemail, Call Divert, Call Hold, Contact Directory, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding and Number Withholding.

Out of hours

With PhoneLine+ you can set your Out of Hours profile for every day of the week, and you can have an Out of Hours message that is specifically for when you are closed rather than unable to answer a call.


Use the built-in reporting to see your call patterns and usage trends, check that calls are being answered in your absence, and monitor progress against your goals which could include optimising your availability. Reports can be filtered by time period, users and numbers, or you can create and download a report to suit a specific need.

Bonus features

Even more reasons to choose PhoneLine+


PhoneLine+ can be accessed by your choice of devices including computer, laptop, IP phone, tablet, traditional handset and mobile phone. These devices can be managed from within your PhoneLine+ account where you can choose whether every device should receive calls and therefore simultaneously ring for an incoming call. It’s also easy to manually add devices like desk phones ordered from your service provider.


You can instantly set your status to Unavailable for a short period which is ideal if called away by a customer. This snooze period is returned to Available with one click.


If you are out of the office you can choose to receive email notifications of all missed calls or voicemails, so you never keep your customers waiting unnecessarily

Administrator Control

As the administrator of your PhoneLine+ account, it is possible to add, remove and manage the other PhoneLine+ users. You can add or remove new numbers and any existing numbers that you own. You can also set your privacy settings which could include any numbers from which you want to block incoming calls.

Simple Provisioning

Provisioning and management of your account is via an online portal so your service provider can make changes and updates as required.

Set Your Status

You can set your status using either a Custom status or one of the status presets including Lunch, In a meeting and Wrap Up. This is useful for short periods up to 24 hours.

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